Allow me to introduce you to my world…

Hello Moms!!

Motherhood? In my words it’s Monster-hood!I love my monsters,all 5 of them. Monster role call goes something like this:

Monster #1: 15 years old, BEST First monster I could ask for. He is a keeper of all secrets. Speaks his mind.Sarcasm is his weapon of choice. Gentleman. Ladies first, Grandpa next . God above all! Has the heart of a cowboy and the determination of a bull. BEST biggest monster ever since 10 months old.

My favorite pair of Monsters #2 and #3: 14 years old. Came into the world 37 minutes apart,#4 a quarter inch longer,#3 three quarters of a pound heftier. That has never changed. They are their own person yet so much each other. Best friends and worst enemies. Both loves! Monster #2 came in the world with a headstrong, I will go first but I will always wait for you #3 no matter what attitude. Hasn’t changed. Monster#3 came in a bit dramatic yet docile. The quieter one who likes to take his time and only do things when he is ready . Still him. Both strong yet sweet,kind yet don’t mess with them, will always have each other’s backs no matter what type of monsters. A pair of Momma’s monsters since birth. Nothing has changed.

Monster #4: 13 years old. Good old Mr. Blue eyes. “My Way” was written just for him. Trust me Frank knew who he was writing that for. He is strong yet always with Momma. He is my break the rules yet accept the consequences monster. Writer of his own story. He does it his way,always!Wouldn’t change this monster for anything.

And then Monster #5: 11 years old.Princess Monster. Strong…willed,temper,attitude and lover. My little carnivore. My sidekick.A sassy lassie with a heart as big as the sea. Monsters #1,2,3 and 4 certainly have their work cut out for them yet she will ALWAYS be their princess. Determined. Defender of all she thinks is right. Did I mention she is a FEISTY monster and that’s precisely why we love her.

Monster momma: 49 years old yet doesn’t always play the part. Loves my monsters unconditionally even on the hardest days. Proudly wears the meanest monster momma sash. It means I am doing something right. As an added bonus it also makes me the fun momma. These are the rules yet rules prevent chaos even during Nerf wars momma. The momma who is blessed enough to laugh with and cry with the monsters. The momma whose monsters know will ALWAYS be there no matter what,get in the car go on an adventure without explanation momma. The Momma who is blessed enough that my Monsters let me know how loved I am even on theirs and mine hardest days.

I said before I thought I signed up for Motherhood but instead was given the gift of Monster-hood with quite the reality check. I invite you to journey along with me both past and present. Laugh with me and cry with me. Shake your head and face palm with me. But rest assured your feelings of Momma reality will be true!!

Until next time….Proud monster momma since 2006